Retailers for RunPhones in the UK and Panama

March 10, 2010

We now have two retailers! One is in the UK, called MBee (, in Northants. They carry all colors of RunPhones as well as SleepPhones! MBee is the first and only distributor for RunPhones in the UK. They even carry the SleepPhones Sheep! If you are worried about the VAT or overseas shipping, ordering from MBee would be a great choice!

The other retailer is Colchones Americanos ( in Panama. They are the exclusive distributor of RunPhones in Panama, and they export frequently to Costa Rica. If you are in Central America, please order from Colchones Americanos for fastest delivery! If you are in Panama, please check out one of their seven retail stores to see SleepPhones and RunPhones. They carry all colors of SleepPhones and Summer RunPhones. Colchones Americanos is our first retailer catering to a Spanish-speaking population. We know that many Twitter posts about RunPhones and SleepPhones have been in Spanish, so there is definitely demand. But we don't know Spanish, and translation services can be expensive, so we haven't done it yet. Perhaps with more orders, we can afford to have our website and printed materials translated!

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